Social Justice

The Tribe of Gaea is trying to change the world primarily by example. However, we are not above doing some well-targeted activism. Of particular importance to the Tribe are issues of Sustainability & Environmental Justice, Women’s Rights & Equality, Peace & Social Justice, and Economic Justice.

Sustainability & Environmental Justice

We support real, not “greenwashed”, policies and technologies that help to drastically reduce the environmental footprint of human population. We seek to restore native wetlands, forests, and prairies; end rain-forest destruction, reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, we favor “low-energy” and “low-complexity” technologies that use natural, low-cost methods and materials that the Third World can use.

Women’s Rights & Equality

We support the equal rights of women, and their right to sovereignty over their bodies. We support anti-rape campaigns, particularly those that focus on teaching boys and men how to respect women. We support leadership training for women, and the end to the “glass-ceiling”.

Peace & Social Justice

We seek peace, both at local and global levels. We support anti-bullying campaigns, accountability and restraint by law enforcement agencies, reduction in foreign intervention by American economic, political, and military interests. We are in favor of strong civilian and judicial oversight of intelligence gathering operations. We support the rights of minorities all over the globe, supporting religious, ethnic, racial, and gender/sexual pluralism. We also support indigenous peoples’ rights.

Economic Justice

We fight against crony-capitalism, including monopoly, duopoly, or oligopoly. We are in favor of entrepreneurial-friendly business regulation, and encouraging “triple bottom line” socially-responsible competition. We favor reduction of taxation on personal productivity; increasing taxation on resource extraction, use, and degradation; and severe fines for environmental pollution/destruction. We favor the idea of a single-payer national health care plan, and a regulated health-care system. We support the creation of an agency for consumer and taxpayer protection that is empowered to investigate and prosecute fraud both in private and public sectors. We are in favor of prison time for financial crimes and government corruption.