Phase 1: Kindle Groups

The Kindle Group

The goal of The Tribe of Gaea is to get earth-conscious, goddess-spirituality practicing individuals, couples, and families living together in efficient, self-sufficient communities called “ecovillages”. However, most of us are tightly bound up in the prevailing cultural lifestyle of living in single-family units, shopping at supermarkets, driving a car everywhere we go, buying “stuff” to make us happy and to give to others on birthdays and for Christmas (whether we celebrate it as a religious or merely cultural holiday).

Making the transition to get from where we are now to where we want to be isn’t easy. Most of us aren’t prepared to make a sudden plunge into living in an ecovillage in a remote rural location. It either requires us to be very well off financially (yuppie hippies or “yippies”), or essentially destitute and, if not desperate, then at least carefree and okay living a bohemian lifestyle.

For the rest of us who are living in the middle class, it requires a conscious deconstruction of our current lifestyle, and incrementally shifting our consciousness and lifestyle in the direction of our communal dreams.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.”
~ Henry David Thoreau ~

The Tribe of Gaea supports a framework whereby a typical middle-class individual, couple, or family may move in the direction of those dreams, and the first rung in that framework is to join a “Kindle Group”.

A Kindle Group is:

  • Part study group
  • Part self-help group
  • Part dinner club
  • Part church
  • Part family

Kindle groups are comprised of people who live independently, but meet together at least weekly, for several hours of “fun, food, fundamentals, and fyre”.  It asks people to make a commitment to coming together with others for about half a day once a week. We recommend that this be done on Sundays, which most people have off from work, and that it be done as a replacement for one’s typical “church experience”.


“The family that plays together, stays together.”

Kindle groups are encouraged to come together for a fun activity. In pleasant weather, this can be a nature hike in the woods (maybe doing some trail clean up along the way?), swimming at a pool or local “swimming hole”, throwing a Frisbee around in a park, or other fun outdoor activity. During cold or rainy seasons, when outdoor activities aren’t so much fun, there can be indoor fun activities like games, arts and crafts, or watching a good movie together. Those with children will appreciate opportunities for the kids to burn through a bunch of energy in these activities, giving the grown-ups some peaceful time for other activities.


We encourage Kindles to cook and share a meal together during their weekly meeting, emphasizing the ideal foods based on an ancestral diet of healthy animal proteins, veggies, and fruit, with little or no grains, dairy, or legumes. The shared meal should be eaten consciously, slowly, and with great appreciation for the bounty of Mother Gaea, as well as giving everyone at the table opportunities to be deeply recognized and appreciated.


Keeping with the “F” theme, “fundamentals” stands for a basic education in the principles which comprise The Gaean Way. These weekly educational gatherings will help everyone to know and understand how to live together effectively and peacefully, as well as consciously and in harmony with Mother Earth.


“The family that prays together, stays together.”

A weekly spiritual ritual, based on shamanic practices of drumming, journeying, and invoking the spirits of Nature. It can be more elaborate on the Sunday closest to the Full Moon, and done as separate Women’s and Men’s mystery groups on the Sunday closest to the New Moon. On the quarter and three-quarter moon Sundays, children can be invited to be more participatory, helping them to learn basic ritual etiquette and practices.

Three Sacred Relationships

If you were paying attention above, you will recognize how each of the Three Sacred Relationships is strongly emphasized. Even established Hearths are encouraged to still have Kindles in their Hearths, as a way of helping ensure that The Three Sacred relationships are continually renewed.

Purpose of the Kindle Group

The primary purposes of the Kindle groups are:

  1. To educate, inform, and inspire people interested in communal ecospiritual living.
  2. To promote camaraderie, affectionate family-like bonds, and a spirit of unified purpose and intention among the participants.
  3. To help people shift their paradigms and expectations in such a way that they will be able to follow The Gaean Way fully and without reservation.
  4. To help the group to plan and become a unit that is sufficiently prepared and confident enough in each other to seek out a property to form a Hearth, moving in together for Phase 2.