How strict is your diet?

We strive to make each meal in the Tribe follow the general guidelines of a hunter-gatherer and/or early pastoral diet. In general, this means we eat a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, berries, and nuts in a relatively unprocessed, natural, and chemical-free state. We also consume animal products from natural, non-industrial sources. We prefer fermented raw (unpasteurized) dairy products like yogurt and cheeses for their probiotic nature. Our goal is to grow/raise most of our own food. Until then, we prefer to obtain it from local farmer’s markets, CSAs, and/or hunting/fishing.

This is our “gold standard” for diet, and hearth meal planning is done according to these principles. However, individuals are free to use their luxury allowance to purchase their own snacks or eat non-conforming meals as they will outside the Tribe, as they feel would contribute to their lives. For example, going out for business lunches or social events in the community. In these cases we encourage staying close to the principles of the diet for the sake of the member’s health, but don’t mandate it.

As far as encouraging children to eat healthy, we issue vouchers to them for indulging in treats. They have to earn their treats with a certain amount of healthy eating (money allowance is tied to chores, treat vouchers are tied to eating healthy). This creates a flexible rationing system for them. They can save up vouchers for a big treat, or use their vouchers more frequently for smaller treats. Certain treats and snacks also don’t require vouchers at all (for example, desserts that are made in accordance with the diet’s principles, like apple-slices dipped in a honey-sweetened yogurt).

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