Are you devil worshippers?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Hell no!

Less snarky answer: If you’re asking, it’s probably because you’ve heard from a religion that believes that witchcraft (and likely many other things) has something to do with the Christian “devil”. We worship the Spirit of Life in the Earth, and call her “Gaea”. If you want to shout at us, telling us to “worship the Creator, not the Creation!”… well, we do worship the Creatrix (feminine form of “Creator”). She is the matrix (another feminine noun) of Life. We also honor her masculine Consort, who is the spark of life. The spark and the matrix together create all life on Planet Earth. She is the Earth, he is the Sun. Together, they make beautiful magic together, don’t they?

Seriously, we don’t believe in a devil. We don’t even really believe in “evil” as a cosmic force. We see “evil” as a mental/spiritual illness, where people become disconnected from their own natural sense of compassion and connectedness to the world around them, including other people. A good well-known example is Mr. Scrooge from Dickens “A Christmas Carol”. He became a bitter, mean old man because of his life experiences. The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future helped him to reframe his life experiences and become reconnected to his compassionate heart. He was healed of the evil with which he was afflicted. Was Mr. Scrooge associated with the devil? No, he was just an old man with a lot of old pain from past wounds. He needed healing, not condemnation.

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