The Tribe of Gaea℠ is a proposed religious, educational, and cultural organization, dedicated to the goal of promoting The Gaean Way of Ecospiritual Living℠  (or simply The Gaean Way℠), a comprehensive way of living that draws on the principles of sustainability, permaculture, ecospirituality, ecofeminism, Gaianism, cybernetics, naturism, sociocracy, and communal living.

It is founded on the principle of The Three Sacred Relationships℠, which teach that life is best lived in a mutualistic balance in the material, social, and spiritual domains; and that continuing to live in an exploitative manner will only end in catastrophe for planet Earth and humanity.

We believe that there is abundance on planet Earth for all of human kind, and that all can live happy, productive, fulfilled lives, if we will but learn to live once more as the children of Mother Earth—in supportive community with one another, with a focus on the quality of our relationships, rather than on abundance of our possessions.